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Pokemon: Summer Fun by Demmi-chan Pokemon: Summer Fun by Demmi-chan
Another picture for the Pokémon summer series. I kinda got carried away...

So, I drew that picture of the main girl character from Black/White 2 and then I got an inspiration and wanted to draw some other girl trainers in swimming suits as well. And here's the second drawing of the probable "series", picturing girl trainer from Black/White. I drew this quickly because I found a nice reference for that pose and I'd used it before. Since she seems sporty and tomboyish to me I decided to draw her challenging people to beach volley match. I wanted to draw her in shorts as she wears them in the game so I gave her that kind of sporty-looking bikini. I also give her sunscreen (and to Tepig as well!) because she would have looked weird without a hat or anything. The volley net is a little... oh well. And I drew Tepig here, because I chose it in Black. It turned out kinda nicely. Bakcground is again boring as ever but anyway it's a beach... I kinda like the result and I'll probably be drawing more trainers on the beach in the future :meow:

In Black I named my character Tenko because it was near her default name Touko. By the way, in Finland the month May is Toukokuu and Touko is a boy's name in Finland (though it's a little old-fashioned). It means the time when the fields are harvested or something like that. But anyway, it's connected with farming! I named my Tepig Wagner, not after Richard Wagner but after a famous pig who adventures in Finnish comic strip series Viivi & Wanger. You can see the comic here [link] if you like :D

Pokémon (c)...I think GameFreak?
Art (c) Me
ChipmunkRaccoon2 Featured By Owner May 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Swimsuit issue, anyone?
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